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Coaching services

My freelance coaching services include individual and group tuition to children, juniors and adults from beginner to upper intermediate levels.*

I coach in north and north west London conducting lessons at venues in Highgate, Kilburn and West Hampstead.

My coaching methodology has developed through observing a variety of approaches used by the experienced coaches I've been fortunate to work with. Recognising that players have different requirements and learn in different ways, I've become well-practised in a number of methods that enable me to provide flexibility in my coaching and avoid a one-way-fits-all approach.

Regardless of the method used, my aim is to develop the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of players’ games. With beginners I focus on the basics of stroke development and movement through structured drills. As players develop I help build confidence at the net and introduce tactical aspects. For more experienced players I identify and focus on specific areas for improvement.

While I emphasise the importance of finding time to play outside lessons, I try to ensure players have the opportunity during lessons to practise what we've worked on in competitive points-based situations.

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